Earlier this week we were nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award by May from Messy Money and Laurie from The Frugal Farmer. (Thanks, ladies!) This award is similar to the Liebster Award, where we share some random facts about ourselves and then nominate any other bloggers to pay it forward.

For those of our readers who aren’t familiar with the strange rituals of the blogosphere and wonder what’s with all the lovey-dovey cross-promotion between bloggers, the reason is because it’s a way to develop links, community, readership, and new ideas. It’s the equivalent of looking out for your neighbor in real life.

So without further ado, here are some random facts about us. In keeping with the spirit of our “Random Crumb” column, these are random facts that somehow relate to saving or wasting money.

Random Facts

  1. Deb Thought Al Spent Too Much Money – One of Deb’s big concerns about Al when they were dating was that he wouldn’t be thrifty and would spend too much money! (Little did she know…)
  2. Al Spent Too Much Money – Actually her fears were justified because Al grew up not very thrifty at all, and spent a lot of money on useless stuff like video games and movies.
  3. Deb’s CDs Saved the Relationship – Deb’s been an avid saver from birth, but when she entered the workforce and started earning real money, she socked her crazy levels of savings into CDs at the bank (thinking that she was doing so well). Only after Al ran her numbers through a compound interest calculator, did she realize how much money she lost by investing in such low-interest instruments. This resolved the issue mentioned in #1 above. (But she still had saved up quite a sum toward our house downpayment.)
  4. We’ve Got Worms. (Not the intestinal parasites, come on!) We raise composting worms in the garage, where they reduce our kitchen waste AND make fertilizer for the garden at the same time. Win!
  5. In Bed
    We Are Very Boring People.
    Our idea of a good time is to stay home and go to bed early. Obviously this helps our finances stay low since we have no desire to go skydiving or spelunking, but we’re probably not the cool kids you’d clamor to hang out with–unless you think that raising worms is cool.
  6. Deb Thinks a Queen Size Bed is Too Big. Every so often, Deb would say that our queen sized bed is too big since we never use up all the space.  But the reality is that she sleeps so far over on my side of the bed that her entire half is vacant.  (See photo.)
  7. We Got Married on 10-10-10! Which is also how we would rate our marriage!  Certainly helps that we can be on the same page on our finances.

Our Nominees

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  2. Sam from Frugaling
  3. Jason from Phroogal
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Tune In Next Time…

Next time, we will return to our regularly scheduled programming with a post on how we are switching to a cellphone plan that has unlimited calling, text, and data for our iPhones for $20 a month.