The other day I got a mysterious text message on my phone. Here is what it said:

CRICKET HERE: Smile! On your next bill cycle you will automatically get 2.5GB of high-speed data instead of 1GB each month.

If you’ve read my post on cellphone plans, you already know that I’ve gone the way of prepaid, contract-free cell service and love it. The savings compared to a standard postpaid plan, even after paying full price for a new smartphone, is simply amazing.

So what’s up with this text message?

I’m on a Group Save Plan with Cricket Wireless with my family where we get unlimited call, text, and data for only $20 per line (with tax included!). The only catch is that while we get unlimited data (meaning we’ll never get an overage penalty), our speed is 4G LTE only for the first 1 GB per line. Afterwards, it gets throttled back to a measly 128kbps. (I have come close, but have yet to exceed my monthly high-speed allotment, by the way.)

So this text message informed me that from now on, I would get 2.5 GB of high-speed 4G LTE data for the same price! Who’s ever heard of a cellphone company giving customers MORE service for LESS money? With my usage patterns, 2.5 GB is, for all intents and purposes, UNLIMITED 4G LTE.  But for all you data hogs out there, they also raised the data limit on some of their higher-tiered plans as well.

Since Cricket Wireless is obviously treating me right, I thought I would return the favor by letting you know how awesome they are.

My Friend, Cricket

So here’s a quick refresher on some of the things I love about my cellphone carrier:

  • Transparency. Important details are not hidden a mile deep in their fine print. For example, they clearly spell out up front that once your high-speed data allotment is used up, you will be throttled back to 128kbps. No hidden surprises. What you see is what you get.
  • Honest Pricing. They do not try to pull wool over your eyes by tacking a load of fees and taxes on top of their advertised price. What they advertise is what you will pay out the door. No funny business.
  • Group Save Discount. Cricket already has fairly competitive pricing at $35 for an individual line for their cheapest plan, but their Group Save Discount kicks it up a notch by allowing progressively cheaper rates as you add more people to the same bill. With a maximum 5 people in a group, a full $100 is discounted from that bill EVERY MONTH. Once that discount is in full play, it is hard to beat the value.  This is the way I get unlimited everything for only $20/month.
  • AT&T Network. While I don’t care much for AT&T as a company, I have to admit that I have been very pleased with their network. Having previously been on Verizon and T-Mobile, the AT&T network has been the best performer for me.  (Of course, your mileage will vary.) Cricket Wireless is actually a subsidiary of AT&T and so rides on the exact same network—that’s great for me! Moreover, because of the close ties, Cricket will still work with phones locked to the AT&T network, unlike many prepaid carriers, which require you to have an unlocked phone. This is a big deal if you’re shopping for a phone on the used market.
  • No Contract. This isn’t exactly a feature unique to Cricket, but the fact that I have no long-term contract tying me down is a major win. If they ever do me wrong, they know that I’ve got the freedom to take my business elsewhere, so I’d like to think that they’re incentivized to keep me happy.
  • Referral Program. Yep, Cricket Wireless has a program to share the love. Best part is that it benefits both the person referring and the new customer.

Now is the Time!

If you’re tired of paying out the nose for cellphone service, now might be your chance to save some major crumbs!

If you’re ready to give Cricket Wireless a try, just click here.

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