Learn How to Save Money in the New Year
2016 is upon us! This weekend Deb, Baby Crumb Saver, and I are all at a church youth conference. Besides battling the many germs from hundreds of handshakes, and juggling a 4-month old baby amidst the busy schedule (note to self: 4-month olds having trouble napping in a foreign hotel is not a good combination with a busy conference!), I’ve also had the opportunity to share a little bit about personal finance while I’m here.

So if you are visiting this website for the first time, thank you for dropping by!

Since we are in the start of a new year, and new beginnings, I thought I’d create  “top hits” list of articles that might be helpful as you look to revamp your financial picture in the new year. Of course, you are welcome to navigate through our archives or search for specific topics to read too. Or you can also sign up for our email newsletter list where you will get all our new articles sent directly to your inbox.

Thanks for joining us at the top of 2016, we look forward to sharing more with you in the year to come!

Foundational Concepts:

Budgeting and Planning:






Helpful Tools and Services: